born 1967 in Cologne

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg
Diploma for Visuelle Kommunikation, film focus
graduation with honor 1993

1993 New York University Tisch School of Arts, Graduate Department for Film and Television
“year abroad scholarship” from DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service

1994 – 1997 worked in New York City with filmmaker Amos Poe, The Shooting Gallery Film Production, casting director Lina Todd, with the Spanish director Daniel Calparsoro

1997 – 2000 worked as assistant director in Germany/ U.S.A. on feature films. For Director Janek Rieke for „Härtetest“ with Janek Rieke and Florian Lukas. For Billy Hopkins for „I love you, I love you not“ with Claire Danes and Jeanne Moreau.

2000 production and postproduction for advertising film productions and TV design in Cologne, Pirates ´N Paradise postproduction and Radical Images Film Production, for example, for KIKA, ZDF, VIVA, Axa Colonia, etc.

Shooting OSTFOTOGRAFINNEN, Sibylle Bergemann photographs the Filmcrewfilmcrew photo sibylle Bergemann - Kopie (3)

2006 Script writer, director, producer for OSTFOTOGRAFINNEN
english title: „Just an ordninary life“, 76 Minuten, MDR, WDR, 3sat
In the GDR era, photographers Sibylle Bergemann, Gundula Schulze-Eldowy and Helga Paris worked freelance in their own idiosyncratic ways. This film is about the three photographers’ drive for freedom, their photos and their conflicts with censorship and the Stasi.

2006 script writer, director and producer for DIE MÄRCHENHAFTE,
30 Minuten, MDR
The photographer Sibylle Bergemann takes a look back. As a GDR photographer, she worked for the legendary magazine “Sibylle” and as a freelancer. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she photographed in Yemen and created dreamlike images of women in haute couture.

2009 script writer, director and producer for WENDEZEITEN
30 minutes, for Radialsystem Berlin, Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
The various ways are discussed that composer and musician movements took shape in the East and the West. With the composers Helmut Lachenmann, Helmut Oehring und Georg Katzer, and the musicians Georg Kallweit and Stephan Mai.

2010 script writer, director and financing for DORFLIEBE
90 Min., MDR, Kulturstiftung des Bundes (Cultural Foundation of the Federation), Gebrüder Beetz Film Production Berlin. Berka, a village in Thüringen, was photographed decades ago by a family of photographers.
Where once there was small town community, today there is merely isolation. With the photographs of Ludwig Schirmer, Ute Mahler and Werner Mahler.

Since 2013, regional director of the AG DOK Berlin Brandenburg, currently teamed up with Thorolf Lipp and Susanne Dzeik.

2016 in preparation: A documentary film about the photographer Barbara Klemm. BARBARA KLEMM – photographer. Watching democracy.