S Denkmmal schwebt über Berlin

photo: sibylle bergemann

In DIE MÄRCHENHAFTE, photographer Sibylle Bergemann takes a look back. As a GDR photographer, she worked for the legendary magazine “Sibylle” and as a freelancer. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, she took photos for many reputable West German magazines such as Geo and Stern and saw the world – Yemen, for example. There she created dreamlike images of women in haute Couture.

Protagonists Sibylle Bergemann, Helga Paris, Gundula Schulze-Edowy
Author / Director Pamela Meyer-Arndt
Camera Andreas Höfer
Montage Hanka Knipper
sound mixing Hans Schumann
Sound Andreas Gläßer
Production Pamela Meyer-Arndt Filmproduktion
Jahr 2006
Format Digi-Beta
Length 30 Min.
Partner MDR