Composer Helmut Oehring
Can music be an adventure? If you were a GDR musician and the Wall suddenly fell, then yes! From one day to the next, a whole new world opened up. WENDZEITEN looks at the careers of composers and musicians in East and West Germany. Among the interviewed are the composers Helmut Lachenmann, Helmut Oehring and Georg Katzer and the musicians Georg Kallweit and Stephan Mai.
Protagonists Helmut Lachenmann, Helmut Oehring, Georg Katzer, Georg Kallweit, Stephan Mai
Author/ Director Pamela Meyer-Arndt
Camera Honno Kunow
Montage Hanka Knipper
Sound Michael Fiedler
Producer Pamela Meyer-Arndt
Production Radial System Berlin
Partner Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Aufführungsort Kampnagelfabrik Hamburg
Year 2009
Length 30 Min.
Format DVD