Plakat Pamela retouschiert

photo: gundula schulze-eldowy

JUST AN ORDINARY LIFE relates the life and work of Helga Paris, Sibylle Bergemann and Gundula Schulze-Eldowy, three photographers living in East Berlin during the GDR era. All three worked freelance in their own unique way, sometimes on the very edge of illegality. Censored and forbidden to work, they created a critical and sensitive portrait of the GDR. The photographers remember the genesis of their photographic series, their exciting lives, their roles as women and their experiences with censorship and the Stasi.

Protagonists Sibylle Bergemann, Helga Paris, Gundula Schulze-Edowy
Author / Director Pamela Meyer-Arndt
Camera Andreas Höfer
Music Jan Tilman Schade
Montage Hanka Knipper
sound mixing Hans Schumann
Sound Andreas Gläßer, Peter Schmidt
Production Pamela Meyer-Arndt Filmproduktion
Jahr 2006
Format Digi-Beta
Length 76 Min.
Partner MDR / WDR / 3sat